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The weatherman dilemma of propaganda - trust your own perceptions

Below is a video link to a Canadian propogandist offer massages half truths to manipulate the masses.

The claim that immigrants are fleeing Canada is laughable at best. Just go to any city in Canada and you can see for yourself. Go to northern towns and see the foreign enclaves.

This is what I refer to the weatherman dilemma. Its claimed to be raining but when you can look out your window and see there is no rain. Start trusting your own perceptions and not the manipulation by the propogandists.

Here is how to identify propaganda - claim with no proof. All your hero's online exist on your trust of claim with validating a thing.

As for government stats I would tread lightly with those also. The sociology department of progressives tend to be the data collectors to support the narrative of lies, and all it takes is sample bias to validate a lie with science.

This piece was inspired by this video

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