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Lies Validated with a Sense Science - setting stage for recharacterization

Below is an article claiming that anthropologists have uncover text that rewrite European history that go back as far as the 9th century. What an incredible find and in these times where complex change.

Ironically the title of the article say's it all, " This medieval manuscript archive discovery promised to change European history. It is like an executive summary of interest and intent of those funding this communications effort

The devil is in the details and the details do not add up. The claim is that these manuscripts go as far back as the 9th century, that being the 800 A.D. I ask how is that possible?

In accordance to Britannica the printing press process wasn't created by the Chinese, no bias there, and the first printed book is from Korea in the 14 century. In the 15th century it was the Europeans who mechanized the printing process.

Keep in mind that the first book was printed in 14th century in Korea. We are talking about printing of word to page. When do you think binding was consider an innovation and especially the complex binding such as that show in the picture below.

This is the exploitation of simple minds allowing for the recharacterization of history. It is these members that become representatives in the court of public opinion. I leave you with this question. In the court of public opinion which collective tends to be the most influential and why?

Drivers of change they are and all it took what to presentation of a picture. They know people will not take the 30 seconds to look into it. These stories backed with a sense of anthropological reality, is how they are achieving complex social change.

We are marching to their slogans and trends.

What must be understood by people is that regardless of the realization of their goals is the creation of opportunity. Such attempts at recharacterization if not successful become datasets of how to frame perceptions, guide behaviour, and stimulate expression.

We today are the subject of the perceptual behaviour testing and will be used as insights to be included within tomorrows calculations regarding the methods of obtainment.

The article attempting to rewrite history.

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