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Is It Right or Is It Left - characterization is the tactic of the leftist Nazi

Linked below is an article from the Metro with a clear bias and slanted interest and intention. Using Mien Kompf style of projection and recharacterization of terms in order to frame the readers perceptions, guide their responses, and stimulate their expressions.

First and foremost, Nazi's are are now right of the aisle. The author is attempting to blur the lines of statehood versus ethno-nationalism. To characterize a Nazi as being someone with a sense on nation pride would include every person in world outside of globalist as a Nazi. Which would represent a poor characterization of a term as the term is to distinguish one from anther.

See the identifying characteristic of a Nazi that makes one distinct from the other is that they were socialist. I ask who are the contemporary socialists?

You can see the authors interest and intent, when they take it one step further in the mien Kompf manipulation, by trying to claim fascism is more or less socialism. Yes they are allies as they centralize control away from the people.

Irony of this is that those with convictions and ideals that stand right of the aisle identify with and glorify as hero's those who fought the Nazi's and fascist. So, once again you're looking at the left and are being told that it is the right.

This is the bait and switch I keep telling people about. They are trying to frame you perceptions, guide your responses, and stimulate your expressions. Do not let them do it.

If you want a true understanding of what is going on in the image below I encourage you to checkout Theory and Practice - discussion on collective behaviour. Do not be manipulate by crowd responsiveness by understanding how it works.

This piece was inspired by this article

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