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We need your support

in order to bring you great content through our collection of weekly shows.

Our funding is drawn exclusively from audience donation and merchandise purchases.

This way, we nor our content, is controlled by third party interest.

Help us reveal the truth and protect what our ancestor fought for.

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Morning Cup
Friday Night Cocktails
Greasy Spoon
mh logo
The Divine Derivation
Literary NightCap
logo bthf
BedTime Chronicles
Is This Really News
Patriot Roundtable
Liberal Compulsory Comfort
Stream of Thought
What If_
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Sunday Service
\Where Truth Starts
Beyond The Headline
Shit Talk
Curtain Call
Janky Gimbals
Random Engagement - War Ready
DriveTime Headlines
The Why Perspective
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Sapere Aude - Dare to Know

Pledge Rewards

***All Pledges of any value are appreciated***

$500+ Executive Producer title for show of your choice

$200+ Producer title for show of your choice

$100+ Assistant Producer title for show of your choice

$1+ Community Pillar title

Titles will be presented as credits at the end of broadcast(s).

Show choice is to be submitted to


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