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Make the simple changes that will lead into great changes for and by the people.

I have been telling people for 4 years now that Trudeau is a Jihadi Lieutenant of the Persian 4th Reich. Idiom Radio is dedicated to exposing the Reich and their methods ushering in a new colonial era.

With the new scandal of Trudeau bringing a Nazi to Parliment. The sad part is that he needed to bring a Nazi in for Canadians to get it. Funny part is, that the many are stuck on description and fail to ask a single question.

Now you have these talking heads in social media that are the voice of a marketing team presenting this scandal on loop and people are sharing it and no one is ask why would our leader parade around a Nazi right in your faces?

Do people realize that presenting the narrative as a description is you acting as the marketer of the narrative, established by those the many claim to hate. I should be on board with this narrative but I know it as a redirect.

Who cares for a Nazi from a war from over 70 years ago. What would this character have to offer from the standpoint of effort relating to interest and intent. His function is capturing your attentions with a awwww striking headlines.

Nazi cheered by Canadian politicians is something that is hard to not pay attention to. While your all becoming the marketer of this narrative distracting your own community members and the general audience away from the real Nazi's.

The contemporary Nazi's are going through a rebranding process. Attempting to position their community members as saviours and victims instead of colonial enemies that they have proven to be in recent history. Using marketing tactics to push themselves even deeper into our society and culture.

This is the circus and there are many ringmasters these days. Lets stop buying into claims and start asking questions. The demand for proof can follow. If we fail to make this much needed change we will enslave ourselves to the marketers for many generations to come.

The insight being drawn from these far reaching behavioural studies will enslave us like never before. No whip is needed when you can frame perceptions, guide responses, and stimulate the expression of the many.

Not only have the vast majority proven that they can be framed, guided, and stimulated, they have also shown how bias works and how bias can be molded further manipulating the general public into a position of contradiction.

This is being understand and become part of the matrix of sociopsychological calculations leading to the logistical planning for tomorrow large scale implementation of events to usher in complex social change.

Change of any and all types. In the end we are proving how to not only have us think we are the drivers of change but that we cheer for the change that is being demanded by those the many claims to hate.

Our future and the upward mobility of tomorrow generations is dependent on us changing and breaking the chains of marketers that have us screaming slogans and marching to trends set out by those you claim to hate.

Lets talk real. Lets talk honestly. Lets ask questions. Lets demand for proof.

That is all that is needed to make the simple changes that will evolved into great changes for and by the people.

This peice was inspired by this article

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