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The Double Standard is Real - I'm being called a racist while someone is being discriminatory

I had to remark of this conversation.

The article is titled: Lululemon launches workout hijabs, netting 5-star reviews from early purchasers. (Link to article below)


KS -

So now we are endorsing oppression? Interest how ignorance work...

R1 -

You dont understand what truth is which is that makes you a racist.

Do you think the KKK is an accurate representation of every Christian and Catholic?

KS -

Ironic considering the group you are claiming has nothing to do with racism and is a protestant group fighting for position against the Roman Catholic Church. Goes to show what you know.

KS -

Hence the burning cross. What to get an understanding from media presentation and not actual facts.

KS -

What is most interesting is that you can us the acronym yet my post was deleted. Interesting how the double standards work.

It is very interesting and telling how one voice is amplified while the other is muzzled. What I love the most is when comments and responses are deleted in order to make it appear like one position is stronger than the other by making it appear like the respondent could find a way to counter.

To think I am being labelled as a racist is not because I am or have shown to be but because the respondent know nothing of what they are talking about. To think this persons understanding of group existence and pursuit is rooted in a description presented by Geraldo. HAHAHAHAHA how can you not laugh at that.

Little more than a Joke, I am a racist while the respondent is being discriminatory. Does anyone ever wonder why the left supports female oppression so long as the oppression is committed by a interest group companion unified under civil society.

This is why the LGBT will claim Christian hate them while Muslims attack them. This is why women claim western society is oppressive while they celebrate Islamic draconian ways.

Sorry did I forget to tell you, because I know John Adams has, that it is a Shia Islamic leader who has been funding these interest group communities for over 4 decades through a network of NGO's and not-for-profits. Pressuring institution into strain and presenting that strain as failing, compelling the people to demand change.

Civil society, fracturing society into factions and through equity bring opposites together in order to drive complex social change at the demands of the people.

I think John Adams says it the best when he say: "self preservation is not discrimination". I want people to understand what is being said here and to take it on as a personal philosophy. Be proud of who you are and where you came from.

This piece was inspired by this article

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