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Accepting Perversion as a Marketing Gimmick

I like to give people the benefit of the doubt and believe communities to be more than marketing Jesters. Unfortunately, like the British business man who bet a Frenchman that people were responsible consumers, I am proven wrong. A shame that a brand like Evian will not emerge from me being so.

There are 2 private environments that are protected by ethic and law. The first is the bathroom and the second is the bedroom. My question is with such privacies rewarded by and for us. I have a question and a concern regarding our sense of privacy and ethics that characterize it.

My question, why are so many choosing to present private as a public spectacles? With my concern stemming from such choice, how is it permitted for such presentations of the private into a public environment?

The public presentation goes beyond the identity to include behaviours and as stated such behaviours, have not been rewarded but awarded for and by us on ethical and legal grounds. As such how is it than possible for the laws to not be consider during such such as pride parade.

The reason for the complete disrespect for our ethical and legal standards regarding privacy is the fact that this event is a show marketing a city. Apparently Toronto, globally is a city of same sex sex. So this is who we are or rather being sold as.

To this our cultural standards and norms take on a second class citizen in the name of the sales process. The illegal made legal with the camera. Beyond the identity and orientation is this how we want to be seen or better yet is this who we are or rather have become,

I get it you have to sell the sizzle and not the steak right. Like a beer ad you sell the party. We are living in a time where our expectation have been satiated to point that little shocks us now and we are entering a complete disregard for cultural standards. How does one push the boundaries when boundaries no longer exist.

Let that sink in for a moment. Basically the LGBT community is little more than a stage prop and extra in a production. I ask, how much is your production value? The public acceptance is bound to a revenue stream. I have to ask, what might be the consequence of no longer being the party in the beer ad?

As I said at the beginning, I like to give people the benefit of the doubt and them their own choices and actions define them. The LGBT community has allowed itself to be reduced to little more than a marketing gimmick. Selling tourism as a whole and all the industries that are connected. I thought more of you all than you all are showing.

I want to be clear, I have no hostilities nor do I have hatred for LGBT members. If anything I speak this way because I care for people at large and am sick and tired of people allowing for their greed to be pandered to by having their ignorance paid for. Especially when its cost goes beyond those who reap the gains.

I, like John Adams, stand for freedom and freedom to choose is included in that freedom. As a side note freedom of choice being accepted I also support the right to choose conversion therapy as it is a therapy that facilitates choice. Lets make choice a universally accepted on all levels that are agreed upon amongst us.

Most important and this message is for most interest group community members. You are being exploited not by the 'us versus them' but in your case it is the 'us versus us'. Your community leaders are the pigs that have sold you as Court Jesters and sales gimmicks, for both industry and institution.

Unity amongst us all will only be realized when you all break away from your community enslavement. Lets make the one from the many as in our community you are more than a gimmick, you are you and proud of it. Lets stop the exploitation today. It all start here.

This piece was inspired by this article

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