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Engineered Confusion

By Kernal Sanders

I would like to start by thanking John Adams for allowing me to explore my voice without consequence here at idiom radio. It has generalized to other mediums and I must say this sense of freedom is refreshing. My first blog post is regarding a conversation I had with someone on a article I will ad link at bottom of article.

This person attacked my character without ever offering a point that would discredit any of my claims. I was ask for a laundry list (bullets) and was call uneducated for have a conversation over time instead of summarizing days of dialogue. Complete nonsense. Here is that laundry list that I was asked for. We all need to be an a$$ at times. I am posting it here because community guidelines prevented me from posting it there. This proving everything that I had said over the 3 or so days this conversation went on for. Comment prevented from being posted: You need a laundry list. So at what point are you responsible for your insights. My claims are pretty clear cut.

1. this war is theater engineering displacement and relocation of the opposition.

- we have been importing immense foreigners in the name of aid

- these foreign actors are all from societies and cultures that conform and identify with a master

*their master will soon be yours. 2. is the root comments - emigration throughout history is a conquest (war) strategy. - Masquerading as aid this strategy is not rebranded. 3. I conceptualized how a strategy creating confusion and engineering outcomes is achieved. - interest group population density leverages demographics - Demographics are the means to conquest* if your on the left and see the world from a communist perspective - this was a realization of Lenin and Stalin. 4. was the topic of diversity as a strength versus weakness - no where in the world or at a different time has diversity ended in anything but violent conflict. 5. None replacement birth rate - it has been engineered through economic, social, and legal methods. * you can look into those methods yourself but the manipulation of gender roles is a major player leading to gender conflict 6. An authoritarian is now the bastion of democracy and freedom - I laugh every time I write this. - What lack of cognitive function is needed to convince people of this 7. Self loathing of Canadians - Just look around you and you can see that self preservation is now discrimination. *scholarship conveys it as institutionalized

8. how to conquer a nation without a shot - summarized the 6 prior points. Additional comment - Our nation is being lead into an authoritarian regime - interest groups are the method of approach - demographics are king in a democracy - to reiterate, if we fail to realize this it is only a matter of time before their master becomes yours.

You lay claim to what an educated person would do yet it is you who needs a coles notes for comprehension. Interesting how you are inferring that I am uneducated to begin with. Such assumption leaves you shows self as ignorant. An ignorance that is married to arrogance (John Adams),

Canada prepared to welcome an 'unlimited number' of Ukrainians fleeing war, minister says (

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