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Investing in self is soooo uncouth

I, the Kernal (lol) was reading an article today that made me sick to my stomach. The article was titles: We want to build Canada; Refugees with startup ideas pitch investors at Toronto event. It is evident that our national leaders, industry leaders, and organizations no longer see Canadians as a point of interest nor do they see us as a point of investment.

How are we to get ahead is there is no aid for higher education? How are we to get ahead if there is no more passing grades? How are we to get ahead if white need not apply? How are we to get ahead if there is the outside is a revenue stream? How are we to get ahead if there is no assistance to start our own venture?

How are we to build our nation for tomorrow is our nation no longer wants us or our efforts? I guess that is why we are dependent on those who could contribute to the development of their own land. The same people who refuse to return home to rebuild their homes and somehow they are going to contribute to our tomorrow.

I guess we are to act like an apple that has fallen from a tree; we are to wither and return to the ground or so our leaders want us to see it this way. Engineering outsider success in order to shame us tomorrow for our failings. Unbeknownst, or rather unaccepted is the fact that Canadians, the you and I, are fighting a quiet war of attrition - you may have a job but do you have a career.

I want to present to you the comment chain that place on the article

KS -

So instead of invest in Canadians we are investing in outsiders. How isn't this a replacement. These refugees should be returning home once conflict ends. They have a nation(s) to rebuild. Interesting how they cant do anything for their homeland but they will do something here. Wow the ignorance deepens by the day here in Canada.

R1 -

Thank you for showing us what the conservative party is truly all about.

KS -

How do I represent the conservative party. Good try attempting to manipulate people. Interesting how these people cant develop their own land and refuse to return to it to rebuild it, but get funded to do what here? Is this how you fund a foreign mercenary militia? Because all these refugees do not fit the definition of a refugee. They are merely people of an engineered displacement and relocation program. Why would anyone do such a thing? Better yet, why are the refugees being relocated to democratic nations? They are all from a hereditary based system or an authoritarian government structure. Could they be here to exploit our democracy? That would make them mercenaries and their pursuit would be the destruction of our system. This is basic logic so I would like to challenge your credentials as you prove your can comprehend outcomes and you're manipulating your audience by getting them lost in the details never offering prospective outcomes. I think I just validated you as the enemy. I think people like you should be removed before the faux refugees.

R2 -

Everything you say is completely accurate. I own a small engineering firm and funded it completely on my own to try to employ Canadians and actually help the country. There is no angel funding for Canadians, there is no help. Nothing, so you are quite correct. The people here would not know if the inherent imbalance and lack of opportunity because it is being done on purpose. What you then have is people who are in the pocket of certain political parties. It is simple vote buying. Ignore the people here, they do not actually own things or actually try to make the country better. I have dozens of examples where this is being played out.

KS -

If you import those who conform and identify with a master it is only a matter of time before their master becomes yours. (John Adam. idiomradio (com))

I would like to quote John Adams: "we are not fighting in defense of our nation we are not fighting to reclaim it".

We cannot allow this to happen to this great nation. We are watching in real-time the importation of shit quickly turn our communities and neighborhoods into shit. This is our responsibility to ensure this doesn't happen.

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