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The death of Democracy

I want to start this piece with a question - if an international organization responsible for the maintenance and expansion of democratic freedoms is taken over by socialist, do you think it will still stand for the maintenance and expansion of democracy?

That is what is happening with the enrollment of Finland and Sweden into NATO. I know, I know, Turkey has been against this enrollment from the beginning. A bait and switch effort as hereditary control is the pursuit of Islam and European leaders and socialism is a major step towards that end-state.

Can we no longer equate and outcome and/or consequence of choices and actions. So why are we the people allowing for such infiltration and transition of system and way of life?

This is why I have been silent only murmuring how people deserve what they are about to get, stating this is the bed they wanted and now they can enjoy its comforts; unironically.

What tears me apart inside is that the many are proving me right. I guess the Aga Khan was right when he stated: "western ignorance and greed is his greatest weapon" and prepared for his goals being achieve and the struggles to get their when we allowed him to take over most national educational systems around the world.

Well done everyone. What you all claim to hate and revolt against is about to be your daily lives. The cost of screaming slogans and marching to trends. Oh, how easy it is for a Pied Piper to march you off a cliff when your existence is rooted is such ignorance and greed.

Just think about it. Both left and right are screaming for their own demise and do not realize it. The new world of enslavement is just around the mountain. You do realize that there is 2 paths that lead to the same place.

This piece was inspired by this article

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