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Targeted Marketing - Music selling adult content to kids

My question to all. Why is the music industry allowed to sell adult content to children?

The content is for an adult audience but it is marketed to children. Why is it that marketers can target kids with adult content and no one seems to care.

I am not trying to remove such content or restrict access but lets place marketers under the same ethical standards that so many other industries are bound to by way of professional standards.

What people need to understand is for the last 10 years marketers have been a behavioural science. Meaning, insights that were once found in departments like psychology and sociology are now the pursuit of marketers.

Consider for a moment. In psychology, research is conducted to drawn insight and understanding to a given issue for reason of mitigating or resolving them. Conclusions are than used under ethical standards to aid people through hardship.

When marketers hold behaviour insights and understandings they are ethically bound to the client and the pursuit of market segment perceptual framing, response guiding, and expression stimulation.

Marketers are ethically bound to the sale. Now apply such ethical standards to a sales process of cultural. Culture is deemed a new resources and as such is meant to compete for market segment dominance and supremacy.

Imagine a world where culture and identity was reduced to a commodity like that of a t-shirt. The shirt changes with the season on a quarterly basis. Ironic how it parallels quarterly reporting. If your sense of style and personal presentation can be structured in such a manner, why wouldn't the marketers try to compartmentalize and redefine culture and heritage.

The music industry is one of those industries that are very influential. Just look at how children mimic style and disposition of these characters. Once again it is not about removing artistic expression it is about restriction marketing efforts.

Lets target market segments that are appropriate for whatever the content maybe. It is not the artists it is the marketers.

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