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Talk about a misplacement of accountability

Poilievre is going to sue big pharma for the opium crisis.

So let me get this straight. Poilievre is holding those who develop and manufacture certified therapeutic remedies. Instead of going after the distributors with the authority to prescribe the remedies.

Big pharma is has there good and their bad points about them and I full scope of their business practices and professional ethics go far beyond the breath and depth of this piece.

The principle point which must be understood is that Big Pharma develops and manufactures remedies. I ask the ready to frame their perspective with this limitation.

So based on Poilievre logic the manufacturing of remedies is accountable for addiction. When do the authorized dealers or distributors enter the analysis?

It takes a doctors diagnosis and script in order to the developed remedy to be released to anyone. So what accountability should be held by the authorized dealers of these remedies?

If anything this approach to our opioid crisis is revealing to medical professionals, within a centralized system, that they can use blackmail as a negotiation tactic.

Think about it for a second, doctors what great funding for services render all they have to do is turn us into a barding token. Pay marketers and advertisers to manipulate the public perceptions and drive fear and in turn demand for said funding.

Off the top of my head and example of such an application with something like a virus being marketing as deadly. People and funding department don't give in to demands so the medical industry prove influence of marketing by demanding vaccine.

The amount of people who take a high risk unknown remedy to the marketed deadly virus validates the strength to drive people to demand action and change. Leaving leaders at the will of industry wants and demands.

I think it is time we make those who are the issue accountable for their ill treatment of humanity. I personally would love to know how many doctors have reduced some of their patience to little more than a test subject.

The cost of being in pain and the need of the other in order to seek resolve. We need to take back the institutional control that we once had. For our future and to ensure generations yet to come do not fall prey to such manipulation and sellouts.

This piece was inspired by this article

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