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Foreign decoupling is going to hurt and that leaves one question for the people

The link below is a great video by Neil McCoy-Ward where he presents many pressing matters.

Matters like survey results. I retort with the reality of subject sampling and how targeting ideological enclaves is used to bias the surveys conclusions. Manipulating the people.

The question of heightened security equals lost freedoms with a political leader claiming that freedom of speech is not a given right. Interesting considering my God given, universal right, is to think and thought with expression as a by product of thought.

Basically I think, therefore I express. Meaning this is a biological reality that cannot be denied or repressed. There is not standards of access or restriction. Freedom of speech sits beyond civil and constitutional concepts.

Now this is the big one. If we the people do not submit to the contemporary authoritative regime it will carry with it economic costs. The reality is in the globalized world we have many foreign entities investing in our nation with ideals that sit in opposition to our culture and traditions.

What is bad for the economy is foreign decoupling. The question. That the people need to be ask is how bad they want what they have as the responsibility will rest in our hands as a community.

How bad do we the people want the continuation of institution and industry and what responsibilities are we will to take on, along with what sacrifices are we will to make, for the continuation of the world as we know it.

Here is the social contract that is being pursued by our opposition. They want hereditary control of the cultural and industrial sectors. If we give it to them our systems will continue until they deem the want for change and at this point they cannot be stopped.

The other option is that these leaders decouple and we than are responsible for the continuation of institution and industry with out own blood, sweat, and tears. The question is can or will you work with the only compensation being how your efforts contribute to tomorrow.

This is the trade off and this is the question that the public across the world needs to be asking themselves. Because if we fail to do the forced outcome is hereditary control and with that the end of upward mobility for generation to come.

This peice was inspired by this video

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