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Elections meddling by foreign entities

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

What really entails meddling in our election? Is it direct investment in campaigning politicians and their marketing, advertising, and public relations or can it be more subtle and less involved?

Lets look at the Chinese as the example. These people are part of a larger international community that identifies and conforms to a master. As such, their decision and choices are instructions by their giving leader.

Now, here in Canada, the Chinese make up the second largest active voting block. With such an active population in Canada, whom conforms and identifies with a master, there is no need to meddle in elections.

The Chinese leadership has a stronger electoral voice here in Canada than Canadians do. Tell you people how to vote and voila, outcomes are as you desire.

My question is, how and why did Canada allow for its 2 largest voting blocks to be represented by those who Identify and conform to a hereditary based master. That is right, Chinese are the second and the Shia Ismaili Muslims are the number one.

Shia Islam is the hereditary form of Islam and the Aga Khan who is the leader of Ismailia's is proven to be the last bloodline to Muhammad. Wonder why we are institution Sharia law. Here is the reason.

How did we as Canadians allow this to happen. Making matters worse is the fact that the indigenous are tribes whose authority is hereditary based. Coincidentally, they too have been funded by the Aga Khan via community based loans via the NGO Trust for Culture.

If you want to be a nation that is free and you want to have a voice that can and is heard. It starts with removing our philosophical anti-thesis. We must scrub ourselves of hereditary control, its pursuit, and those who conform and identify with it.

That is how we can and will reclaim this great land. It boils down to institutional actions. Without it, we have already lost.

This piece was inspired by this article

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