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Canada causing foreign problems of tomorrow

We are destroying nation by taking the most competent and protective members of a populations away out of foreign nations. This prevents these nations from developing a sustainable future for self, community and the nation state.

This is known as brain drain so why would Canada want to contribute to such a detrimental process. Africa is confronted with this issue so badly that doctors now are responsible for up to 250 000 patients. This is not possible to maintain into the future.

Why would we want to take these people away, especially if they are in troubles places. These are the people who are need to rebuild. We are doing a disservice to nations across the world and this will carry immense cost for so many in the future.

My concern is if these immigrants are exploited slave labour from nations that practice slavery. All that would be needed is a hiring agency to act as the middleman allow for slavery to rebranded as general labour.

Either way, Canada is causing incredible issues for nations and their future prospects. If this isn't the case than we are a major consumer of slave labour. The unsettling part of either possibility is the fact that so many Canadians are cheering this one.

The cost of not being able to anticipate or equate an outcome.

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