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Can you sue someone for not understanding the world around you?

I have said it before and will say it again. The mandate was only possible because the general public does not understanding basic scientific standards and the rights they already have.

Each and every clinical therapy requires a clinical trials in order to establish causality as an effective therapy. National certification for mass application requires a 10 year longitudinal study to assess risk and liability. Not just to patient but to drug company as well.

On a legal level generations of yesterday fought for the constitutional liberty for the right to refusal. No one can force anything on you legally, from drugs, to therapies, to occupational tasks. This is your rights awarded by our constitution and achieved by the actions of the people.

I need people to understand that if this is a drug therapy clinical trial that would mean that only 50% of the vaccinated population is actually vaccinated. This is because all trials are pursuant of causality and a control group is need to establish the therapy as causally effective.

Now this is not great knowledge. This is knowledge found by a 10 second google search. Amazing how we live in the information age yet no one is informed. Which takes me back to a personal experience with ignorance.

Someone once tried to minimize my accomplishments within the sphere of video, image, and audio production by saying: wow what you can learn from youtube". I retorted by stating: "that means you have no excuse for know nothing than".

The article linked below is another one of those ignorant based examples. So now you can sue for your lack of insight and knowledge?

To be honest, this vaccine process is less about a therapy relating to a virus and everything to do with perception and behavioural testing. The world has been able to take a long look at just how clueless and lost the masses really are.

It can be concluded that people have no concept of the rules and standards that govern and structure their lives. It is also understood that marketers own the minds of many. They can frame perspective, guide responses, and stimulate behaviour with as little as an ad campaign.

Just look at the many who scream till they are blue in the face in protest. First was the trust the science. Trust that which is understand and your blind trust in science is in actuality the antithesis to a scientific perspective and approach.

Next is the freedom fighters, who screamed for the rights they already had. Now I ask you to consider for a moment, if one does not understand the laws, rights, and liberties that regulate and protect them, what than can an informed and insight person with ill intent do to them?

These 2 camps who scream slogan and march to trends stem from the 2 primary social factions of left and right. The woke and the awake, which I find exceptionally entertaining and revealing. This about it, what this reveals that marketers own them all and what seperates them is the message of sales.

They need a distinguishing labels and characteristics as 'us' versus 'them' is so deeply institutionalized and marketers are revealing the characteristics to: frame, guide. and stimulate, each factions independently and dependently. The labelling process of these groups was as simple as changing tense, from past to present.

This characterization of factions really making this whole event appear to be exhaustively logistically planned and you all are not subject to a drug trial but rather a behavioural trial.

Now is where the complex planning show its weight in gold. Remember, for change to be sustainable it must be seen as coming from and by the people. Now people are starting to sue, not for their own ignorance, but for restitutions of the wrongs done onto them for their lack of insights.

Once restitutions are awarded by the courts the new form of 'us' versus 'them' is than is established. Those who are restored and those who are not. The have not's will than scream for the generalization of restitution in the form or reparations given to all for all being effected by the mandates, lockdowns, ignorance, and mass testing.

Immediately and as expected by the authority, they will than apply a general universal reparation payments. I don't know but does anyone else getting a sense that we are marching into a communist form and structure and our ignorance and willingness obey is the vehicle driving this complex social change.

It is as if the dumb is leading us into tomorrow and reparation are the signing of the new social contract. Bait and switch and to think the people demanded the counterintuitive and counterproductive change at every stage.

When we become enslaved just look in the mirror and know you did it to yourself.

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