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I keep telling you all about bait and switches going on. Here is an example of such a strategy.

The UN is telling you private industry want immigrants regardless of negative narrative.

In turn people see the capitalist as the usher of attacks against the people and labour markets.

This frames perceptions, guides responses, and stimulates expression. They are driving people to turn on capitalism and free markets and demand government control.

This is a Nazi strategy getting us to give them what they want.

Remember, complex social change must be seen as coming by and from the people. If change is seen as coming from a 3rd party, change will be met with hostility and aggression.

Bait and switch and we the people will demand our own destruction.

Just look at how Trudeau threw a Nazi in parliment in order to stimulate an expression and push for greater censorship.

Or Islam position woke in our schools and than setting up a march against that which they institutionalized. All to rebrand from enemy to saviour.

Wake up people. This war starts with us reclaiming our perceptions, responses, and expressions. Than we move to reclaim institutions.

This peice was inspired by this article

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