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You're the weakest link

So some dude is claiming a joke is a legacy, Can someone get this man a dictionary.



NOUN 1. an amount of money or property left to someone in a will

How can anti-trans be a legacy based on the definition. Oh I get it this is Chappelle showing his expert abilities at marketing and branding.

His bit on the trans community was him merely taking the weakest interest group companion and using them to rebrand himself. What most don't know is that Chappelle did have have a show removed from Netflix.

While we being marketed that his conservative oriented show was being censored, he was have a special where he thanks BLM for 'doing the leg work' washed from the network. Interesting don't you think.

It is evident that Chappelle's name is being used as a marketing tools here but what I would like to know is if you are name dropping or is he part of the strategy to position new talent. This information is vital to revealing the true nature of him using the trans community for rebranding purposes.

Either way, the public should be aware this is is cheap marketing and not an actual social matter. Options are not a characteristic of a legacy so the headline seems to be the punchline in this one.

In the end these are interest group members that are brought together under civil society, using each other as marketing tools. It is a shame that each of these communities ends up being reduced to a marketing exploit. Carmichael conveys that with his sentiments and Chappelle revealed that in the special he has washed from Netflix.

All I ask is that you are informed consumers and I hope I can contribute to you taking on that responsibility of being informed.

This piece was inspired by this article

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