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You can't deny my truth

I wanted to take a moment to inform people that I identify as a vaccinated person. To question my truth is an act of discrimination and an expression of your hatred.

To ask me to validate my truth is like asking a person to validate their gender by pulling their pants down. It is wrong and hurtful. Your attacks on my community of identified as fully vaccinated (IFV) must come to an end.

If you continue to discriminate against IFV person(s) we will have no other choice but to act out. Applying social pressures needed for change. We need to break the colonial chains that forcefully remove a person choice.

Let us live out truth. We are not hurting anyone. We are just being us. Are we not free to be who we want. So let the IFV community exist in peace and love,

Heart, rainbows, and unicorns,


This piece was inspired by this article

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