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White supremacist - where?

Did you know there throughout history there has never been a white supremacy group.

I know, I know. Geraldo told you otherwise.

First we have neo-Nazis. I do not think any self respecting white person see any culture and heritage value in this group. Nazis are our enemy not our ally. Nor is it our identity. They identified as Aryan and only Germans and Iranians are Aryan. Ironically the Persian are at the helm of this iteration of the Reich.

Next is the KKK or the Ku Klux Klan. I have a question what race does the cross represent? The KKK burns crosses as an act of hostility not due to race but due to religion. The KKK are a Protestant group not fighting for expansion but fighting to defend their beliefs and way of life against the Catholic Church.

Sad that most of our preconceived notions of hate and white supremacy are rooted in media characterizations and not reality. There has never been a white supremacy throughout history. The reason why is that white is the dominate.

This is why people are willing to kill themselves in order to lighten their skin with chemicals like bleach. Lets not forget history accounts of people being exiled from their families and nations because their complexion is to dark. West India anyone.

The reason for us whites being characterized and defined as supremist now is because we are under attack. How does one stand in defence is any and all forms of defence is deemed hate and discrimination? How does one have pride in self if self is rooted in hate?

How is a community to promote and preserve self? If defence is deemed wrong offence must be criminal and it is.

If Culture is a resource and like all resources compete for market dominance, I guess to define self preservation as hate is the ultimate Trojan Horse. If you are not will to stand in defence we will not exist tomorrow. Forgotten to the wind and by the winds.

Is that how we see ourselves now and do you know where this perception of self comes from?

This piece was inspired by this video.

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