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When the agenda fails - rebrand

I think it funny all the rebranding that is taking place and all the resources being invested in this rebranding process. From individual to group, rebranding is the pursuit of the here and now.

The reason behind this rebranding process is that their agenda has failed. Take the indigenous. They thought that they were decolonizing Canada. Now that that is not an options and their acts of terrorism are in vain they seek to try to present themselves as allies or companions.

If we buy into this nonsense we are consenting to another turn on the hamster wheel. This rebranding process does not signal the end of the pursuit of these interest group communities. Rather, it is them infiltrating our community and returning to the drawing board.

Every action and statement has be analysed, scrutinized, and logistically planned for. This rebranding itself is part of that logical planning. It is an assessment method known as 'early warning signs'.

I ask my community members what does the future look like to you? Do you really want to pass this issue onto the next generation as that is what we are choosing to do if we accept and buy into this rebranding strategy.

This piece was inspired by this video

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