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When freedom roles, the narrative is key

A question that was often asked by professors when I was a student and I believe it lends itself to conceptualization of what CBC is attempting to do the convoy.

My first question is why is the villain the point of popularity with contemporary culture. Have we really lost respect for what the hero does and sacrifices in order to get it done? When did the Joker become take centre stage from Batman?

It all stems from how we define and characterize these characters as there is an interesting dynamic at play that runs the risk of the hero being the villain. Unfortunately, the villain does not suffer that same fate.

Lets use batman and the Joker to high light the point. The issue with the prospective interpretation of the audience. First and foremost, is the fact that our perspectives are framed by the director and we see and hear that which is meant to be.

Now is that interesting dynamic of the hero. Any and all hero stories requires some form of confrontation that is often times presented as combat. Now the hero must and will stand over the villain victoriously waiting for justice to be served.

Here is that hero dynamic, that runs the risk of positioning juxtaposition to their identity. if you omit the narrative leading up to the hero standing over the villain and frame the narrative with one person over the other, can the hero not be seen as a villain, and his stance representative of oppression and victimization.

The violent hero who is now the villain victimizing the weak and vulnerable but what about the villain. Well with the blink of an eye the villain becomes a victim. All that was required for such a transition was to lost in combat with the hero.

A strategy that is all to easy to engineer and stage. All that is needed is control of the narrative. Ironically, life seems to imitating art as this same strategy has been in play for a few decades now and news media and institution is all that is needed in order to control the narrative.

The article linked below is an example of the hero transforming to a villain and the villain be positioned as a victim and CBC is the one ushering the narrative. Oh how we are being played. So much that they have created a simulation of delusions within our own minds.

Lets break free of the control and the techniques used against use and start using them for and by us. Our future depends on it. If not for you do it for your unborn grandchildren,

This piece was inspired by this article

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