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When did immigration stop being seen as a military tactic

In a democracy wars are fought with votes and not bullets. Voting booths and not guns. The pen is the sword of democracy.

When did immigration stop being seen as a military strategy?

To all Canadians active voting block prove that we are not fighting to protect our nation we are fighting to reclaim it. We as old stock Canadians represent, I think it is, the 5th active voting block.

The interesting thing about the top active voting blocks in Canada is that the Chinese and Shia Islam is the 2 primaries. Ismailis being the number one active voting group.

What this means to our democracy and freedoms is almost over. These 2 groups represent a population that identifies and conforms to a hereditary based master. That is in direct opposition to our way of being, here in Canada.

It is only a matter a time before our master come over the horizon, so get ready to take a knee.

To think we lost a nation because our kindness was the ultimate weakness.

This piece was inspired by this article

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