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What is this inflection point

What is this inflection point

What is an inflection point?

1: a moment when significant change occurs or may occur

2: mathematics: a point on a curve that separates an arc concave upward from one concave downward and vice versa

An inflection point is described as a stage of transformation, with 'significant' change being a key characteristic. I refer to this transition as complex social change.

So, I ask if we are the leaders of today and complex social change is necessary. Would that not mean we are being replaced? Leading to core transition of history, heritage, and culture; our identity.

This is the cost of our empathetic faculties being exploited in the name of the empathetic economy and by extension conquest in industry, institution and than nation.

The many refuses to compete and for that we are about to transition in a manner that will be irreversible for generation to come. In the now you will be given all you could ask for, but it is in the generations that come that restrains will occur.

One of the core changes is hereditary control of the industrial and cultural sectors. From the means of production through to the raw components, all will be controlled by a given family and when that family want to give access there will be cheers and when they want to restrict for any given reason there will be tears.

With hereditary control in place the financial systems must change. Transitioning from our present usury (interest) system to a non-usury. The usury was a preventative measure, a buffer per say, preventing enslavement. The usury was what substituted you being the capital put up against the loans.

Now with finance acting as a slave driver the labour markets must go through complex change. With an abundance of human capital now in control, the markets will transition into a system based on volunteer labour.

At this point you have a master, and that master can make demands of you in the name of debt recovery. Industry and state would stand should-to-should so demand by industry would be executed by the state.

For such a system to exist there must be a standard-of-living set. We know this as Universal Basic Income (UBI). I ask is such insurance ensuring standards and quality of life or is it guaranteeing industries need for human capital and using slogans like: "your responsibility to the state" to get the fools marching.

Then there is culture. Culture is transitioning to a global Islamic caliphate. Why is this being done? Obedience to the hereditary masters of tomorrow and of course an ideal rooted in restriction instead of access is a desired profile of the people.

In sum the screams of capitalism failings are chants of those seeking hereditary control of all and everything, including you, as you are a resource of production. The failings of capitalism are not capitalism itself but rather the infiltration.

Consider affirmative action. It has destroyed the meritocracy of higher learning and has fill the labour market with inflated egos and limited capability. This is how failings are engineered, leading the public to demand change.

This lose of merit as an assessment tool than ushers in the enrollment of diversity quotas. Leaving race, gender, or orientation as factors for the labour market. There is no other outcome, but failure, by way, of the destruction of merit and the enrollment of incompetency's.

This infiltration streamlined by organization such as hiring agencies. They become the gatekeeper’s ensuring quotas are met with bonuses if superseded. This is how capitalism has been hijacked by the enemy and turned against us.

This is engineered failure so that the people scream for change. Bait, and switch. We must remember for change to be sustainable it must be seen as coming for and by the people. If seen as coming by 3rd party intervention it will be me with hostility and resentment.

This notion and promotion of the failings of capitalism is to position hereditary control of the cultural and industrial sectors and set in motion the enslavement of generations to come. I guess you can tell you grandchildren: “you’re not a slave, you’re a volunteer”.

This peice was inspired by this video

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