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Vaccine Exemptions - Vaccines are Haraam

In a Facebook comment someone had mentioned groups being exempt from taking the vaccine. Yes he was correct.

Under Sharia law Muslims are not allowed to be vaccinated. The reason why we are going through this nonsense - Convert to Islam in order to return to normality

We have had our face covered for over a year. Christians are the only one's prevented from communal prayer.

We are incrementally converting to Islam. Not only Islam but the Persian form of it which is a hereditary based system.

Either way, this is war. When will the world wake up and realize that we are at war. We are at war against the Persian 4th Reich

To validate my claim. The leader of the Persian 4th Reich is the Aga Khan. He is one of the largest stakeholders of medical and pharmaceuticals in the world. This is biological warfare and it is our ignorance and greed that has put us here. It is a quote from the Aga Khan.

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