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There is no rebranding here

This is a joke right? So now that their agenda is failing and the gravy train has dried up you think your going to distance yourself from Trudeau and use Trudeau as a rebranding tool. You get to sink with him. You bankrupted this nation on so many levels and you expect the people to allow you to return amongst us bcause your a sellout willing to throw your friends under a bus.

You're a corrupt trader who is a coward. I know the Liberals like folks like that as they are often times greed or ignorance lead and can be exploited as revenue streams. You are that clown you created the streams of money of the weakest and most vulnerable. For that reason you are a pig that deserve no consideration or mercy.

It is time you pay for your crimes. Let season 2 of the Nuremberg Trials begin. It will be the most existing season yet. Accountability is the slogan draped across the promotional posters.

This piece was inspired by this article

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