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The Why Perspective - it's not white versus black its non-white versus white

Q1 Ep19

Question –

- Have Canadians been reduced to lab rats of own self demise

Recurring theme –

- Inclusive society vs Inclusion being used as a tool of conquest

Meaning –

- Inclusion leading to the access and obtainment of communal resources. Then through segregation strategies removing those communal resources. Weakening the community, all the While, transitioning into tribalism.

Focus – - claim vs application

Reveal –

- interest and Intent by interventionalists

Utility –

- Leveraging that which is used against us to being a tool used by and for us.

Secondary enquiry –

- We will be posted on discord

Institution –

- Global centre for pluralism

- Their mission is to Influence perspective, Informing policy and inspiring pathways to advance pluralism. Complex social change is their principle of existence.

Now where might all these social issues be stemming from

Key terms –

- Multicultural

- Pluralism

- Civil society

- inclusion

To quote Obama: ' it is not black versus white. It is none white versus white.

The Global Centre for Pluralism claims to be in pursuit of an ever Increasing level of sustainable pluralism. Ironically the founder of the GCP, the Aga Khan is quoted as stating that tribalism inevitably turns into violent conflict.

Now taking an open source approach to research. With results valued for there ability to influence and guide complex change. Merit and truth is a secondary priority. As object reality may bias or skew the agendas and strategies of the global centre for pluralism.

So a focus is placed on subjective perceptions. Having personal realities used to create insight. It is this underpinning of subjectivity and reliance on self reporting surveys that Leads me to ponder the reoccurring theme -is this about inclusion or is the GCP pursuit of inclusivity a strategy of conquest.

Transitioning us into a totalitarian state. it is the structure of the islamic community from which the GCP founder is the ruler over. Under the Ummah it is has been claimed, that the pursuant of hereditary control of the religious and secular sectors, is the primary agenda.

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