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The enemy is civil society - mercenaries of our colonizer

Why would anyone want to defund those who stand in front of bullets to ensure your safe? The enemy would,

What can I do to get people to listen.?

Here is an interest group community pressuring an institution to a point of strain and exhaustion. This exhaustion is than presented to the public as failings. The fraudulent and engineered failings than drive the public to demand change,

This change is to remove those who keep us safe. What is the demographics associated with violent crime? Is the profiling starting to make sense.

We have lost education through the the same strategy put forth by another civil society companion group the LGBT. Through screams of oppression and discrimination they pander to our empathetic sensibilities.

Now institutions is being used as a conditioning tool training confusion in already confused minds. What in the utility in defunding police? Answer that question and you reveal the interest and intent of black community.

But this issue is much deeper than these community attempting to destroy our institutions and by extension us. It is who is funding these efforts and why, The Aga Khan through his Centre for Pluralism and Trust for Culture have been funding these civil society interest group communities.

Funding efforts such as this. While the LGBT want to condition our children through education and the blacks want to allow for free reign with consequence for the criminal pushers, thieves and killers, The Aga Khan is fund complex social change.

They destroy our institutions while the Aga Khan is colonize anew. Hence the conditioning of face coverings. The social, political and legal leveraging of Islam over Christianity, to name a few occurrences. We are at this stage as he has already seized our resources.

We as Canadians are not fighting to defend our land we are fighting to reclaim it.

This piece was inspired by this article

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