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Russia, Canada and soon the Ukraine - they all share the same master

If Ukraine is at was how or why is military aged men from Ukraine moving into my neighborhood in Canada? If Ukraine is at war would these military age me not be fighting for their nation? If they are not at war what is the interest and intent of their arrival? Are they mercenaries? Their lives seem to be funded?

I can prove that Russia, Canada, and soon to be Ukraine share the same master. With that what is really going on? Russia through finance, Canada through culture, and soon Ukraine through food.

Keep in mind that this shared master is the largest stakeholder in agriculture and food securities. Outside of sex workers what is Ukraine's largest industry and export? They are know as the bread basket of many places in the world.

INTERESTING! isn't it.

Ukraine at present is rick with opportunity. Being a money funnel funding corrupt development programs is one of those opportunities. While Ukraine has its nations resources given away by a Court Jester, they will be gaining Civil Society. Organization that are rooted in the fracturing of society and creating factions along community lines.

You will soon be living in a us vs them society curtesy of civil society groups pressuring institution into exhaustion and than presenting exhaustion as failings to the public. This idea of failings driving the people to demand change,

Through this process we are being marched by the Pied Piper into demanding institutional access be restricted from the many while our society becomes oriented towards hereditary control and voluntary human capital market (labour). How does this differentiate from the age of kings and slaves?

Now with limited funding as the environmental crisis does not come with such enriching revenue streams. Our enemy need to a means to fund their efforts. Now from a financial standpoint how would you characterize university students. Do you think they are from starving families?

They appear to be an ideal target. Better yet, there is many government funded foreigners that are being given unrestricted access to higher learning,. Are these not the people who send there incomes home to a master, with that master redistributing it amongst community members?

Here is a great opportunity for the future master of the Ukraine to explain through the Ukrainian leader that money distribution needs to be channeled through a single body for agenda funding. These are all interest group members who conform and identify with a master. Meaning they are a subordinate that does as he or she is told.

This is a bait and switch and the world is marching into it. I just hope we are prepared with a readiness for what will come if our enemies aspirations are realized and the means that will have to be taken to achieve it.

If we fail, be ready on bended knee for the arrival of our new master and remember, you're not a slave, you're a volunteer,

This piece was inspired by this article

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