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Right to choose

Who gets the right to choose?

We did not get the choice of putting an experimental drug in our body but you can choose to kill the unborn for convenience.

Does anyone ever ask who would killing the unborn be accepted in some places in the world but not others? Could it be an ill intended interventionist trying to frame our perceptions and guide our choices. Why else would someone see killing their own as an option.

Interesting how the right to life is not an option for the unborn nor is consent necessary for you to be a lab rat. Why is choice so important on one hand yet evil on the other. Interesting how based on your perspective the last statement carries two contradictory meanings.

Lets not be hypocrites and make choice universal so long as it is agreed upon and I think we can all agree that murder is wrong. If not, should those who see killing another as a viable option, lose their right to choose?

This piece was inspired aby this article

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