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Terrorist Marketing

Institutions now using acts of terrorism in order to frame the publics perceptions. I Find it rather interesting that as the Toronto Transit committy goes into budget negotiations with a large portion of this proposal being placed on the hiring of Special Constables, there is a radical uptick in violent on public transit.

Is it a coincidence or is it marketing tactic? The timing and complete transition in trending behavioural expression, has me leaning to the latter. This is not is not common place behavior for any demographic or psychographic from that matter.

So now we live in a time where violence and bodily harm is a marketing tactics there to sell the public on something. In this case budgets and corruption. I think that corruption may be harsh but if you're will to goes as far as this for sales, financial corruption would be a character trait.

Which leaves me asking, who do you pay for such a experiential marketing strategy. Who is the agent of and for hire of such sales tactics?

Might be as easy as releasing a couple psychotics from an institution and leave them run wild within our community. is it something more methodical with exhaustive logistics? Is this a production with fake blood and paid actors? is it death for hire?" Is it injury for sales?

Either way this is a disgusting shame of on those involved. Where did the psychotics come from as this is not actions of a well developed individual(s). Worse is the prospect that this is nothing more than a sick strategy to frame the public perceptions, guide the publics responses, and stimulate the publics expressions.

I bet right now Torontonians and TTC passengers in particular are demanding greater funding for more special constables. Funny how we are demanding the desired end-state of those at the institutional helm. Interest to say the least,

This piece was inspired by this article

TTC's proposed 2023 budget invests in safety and cleanliness, adjusts service to meet new ridership patterns

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