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Random Engagement - Transition hidden by crisis

2021-08-24 (1)

Subject - The impossible appears to be working in revers

With our livestock infrastructure large enough to cater to the needs of the Americas and Europe. This is not environment crisis. This is engineered food shortages.

Manipulating prices, along with the Conditioning of desired behaviour. The push to reduce red meat consumption.

Anyone who want you to be weak mentally and physical does not have your best interest in mind

This manipulation of markets through supply and demand and it is being achieve through a system of supply management. We are now confronted the consequence of supply management

Stemming from poor future planning and management. We are watching the thinning of suppliers

I want everyone to realize. That which makes our domestic suppliers, is our consumption. It is our responsibility to ensure their stability. For generations to come.

Let us do so in a free market, unbound by supply management and market manipulation. The power of marketing to drive behaviour. That is the industry tool that should be the invest for tomorrow.

Let the cattle roam free of impediment. Right into our belly.

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