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Random Engagement - Complex social change

Subject - Complex social change that is redefining our society.

Claim vs the action does line up and for that reason a what if regarding intention come to the forefront. Furthering my concerns with the integrity of the speaker

An interesting fact is American corporations that have been more involved with moving the women’s movement forward in the middle east than any other. Not activists

A great example of this is when Saudi Arabia hosted comic con. A convention full of scantily clad women in the name of fanfare and marketing.

In turn the security at the event request for women to remove their headdress. The security and not the activists. Where were those activist?

Silent and it is this silence that speaks heavily to her and those like her being actors of a greater agenda.

I have to say what a brilliant strategy this is. Manipulating our empathy with sympathetic tales of victimhood. Creating revenue stream in the name of aid.

Funding the pursuit at each stage. Through funding analysis you are than able to isolate the highest level of empathy. Revealing the weakest targets.

Our ignorance and greed is Islam's greatest weapon. They right now, have us fund an invasion per say. An invasion not to storm our shores guns ready for conflict but an invasion to slowly transition demographics. Than transition our democracy

Facilitating incremental steps towards complex social change. The replace of the people and the conquering of our land.

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