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Random Engagement – Civil Society, seeking to seize all points of a nation’s value and interests

Who knew sustainability means dependence on a 3rd party to supply that which you produce?

In the sectors such as agriculture, education, healthcare, and media that 3rd party is the Aga Khan. Through his endless network of NGO’s and not-for-profits they combine to establish civil society. The Aga Khan through his development network has become the primary stakeholder in agriculture.

What is the leading export of the Ukraine outside of sex workers? Wheat. Now I ask how many items in your local grocery store have wheat in it? Look for items that are gluten free as a starting point. You will quickly come to realize that there is not many. Meaning wheat is one of the primary components to most products, leaving the food industry dependent on such agricultural cultivation.

Wheat acting as a cornerstone component in food production and manufacturers depend on it to deliver palatable products to the consumer. The trend of gluten sensitivity being the great reveal of how the consumer prefers the taste and texture that wheat brings to our dinner table(s). Just think the market has been the testing grounds sussing out what and how change can be realized. Who ever thought it would be as easy as a labeling trend to get the many to consent to become a test subject? Oh, what you can do to the ignorant and greed lead.

Just imagine for a moment, you are the largest stakeholder of agriculture establishing a supply chain dependency. You would be the most power person in the world. You basically control the food industry on a component level. Products cannot be produced without your involvement. This giving you the control to dictate what can be made and by whom. A power that can stretch beyond of a King or Emperor. So how does one achieve power greater than a King?

The key feature to such obtainment of power is to ensure incremental step towards control but would that be achieved as anything immediate changed unprompted by the public would and will be met with opposition. This is where civil society has been validating its value. Interest group communities through screams and cries of victimhood, oppression, discrimination, and exclusion. These interest group communities have been able to apply the necessary pressures on institutions ushering change through policy amendments and even creation.

Civil societies value as a player within the service sector has proven to offer more than institutional pressure leading to complex social change. Through such pressures they have strategically positioned themselves to force the opposition to fund their endeavours and agendas. Keeping in mind these interest groups work in the name and effort of the Aga Khan, who is at the helm through the initial funding of civil society establishing it as a major stakeholder in the development of scenarios leading to change.

These engineered and manufactured scenarios are seeking out change, but these interest group communities have the rationale to understand that change is only achievable and sustainable so long as the public outcry commences, and public demand is met. I must ask, if you were a leader seeking change what utility might a leader find with a service provider such as civil society?

This is who and how Ukrainian institutions and resources are presently being seized and how it is being colonized by the quote-on-quote sustainable interventionist, the Aga Khan. Remember, the Aga Khan is the primary global stakeholder in agriculture, would Ukraine’s wheat production be the next seize in the achievement of absolute control through market dependence. To think, a Shia Islamic leader whose power is realized through heredity and who see labour as volunteer based, is about to take control of the last great segment of the agricultural sector.

I know many are yelling at their screens claim Bill Gates owns most American agriculture. I retort by stating, Bill Gates and the Aga Khan are companions in most industries and sectors. Aga Khan civil society network is where Mr. Gates was placing 96% of his wealth and the reason, he had to divorce his wife. Retaining 50% is better than 0% for a failing agenda.

I call civil society what it truly is, the Reich, and I label it that based on who is at the helm, a Persian. Ukraine is being colonized by having their institutions and resources seized by the Persian 4th Reich. Taking absolute control of the most necessary industry food. Once achieved he can then starve us into begging for aid offered by the Reich and its companions. The cost being enslavement under hereditary control. This is the absolute removal of upward mobility not for you but for generations to come.

Russia, like in WW2 is trying to stop the Reich’s advancement on seizure. Or are they? I cannot produce the documents right now but I have information that will reveal that Russia is a companion to the Reich, Canada is owned by the Reich, along with many European states. Meaning this conflict like the Syrian conflict is engineered and manufactured.

I lead you with a question. What utility might there be, beyond seizure of the agricultural sector, for allies to present a fraudulent conflict displacing and relocating people(s) all over the world. My research reveals that the relocation of these displaced people is in democratically free nations with leaders who hold globalist ideals. Furthermore, these displaced people are those who identify and conform to a master.

This is in complete contradiction to the national philosophies of their new homes. This is utility framed with a what if scenario. How long will it take for their master to become yours? How long will it take, through demographics and population density for them to vote you out? If change is necessary and we are the leaders of today, would that not mean a absolute replacement of us?

Lets save the world with the removal of civil society. Our future sustainability depends on it.

This piece was inspired by this article

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