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Putin is the only one preventing a centralized control of our food or is he?

This war in Ukraine is driving the Aga Khan and the AKDN into Ukraine. One of the primary areas of control for the AKDN is agriculture and food security. What is Ukraine's primary output? grain. Can you find a food without gluten, meaning wheat is a component in most foods.

A perfect example of the AKDN centralizing a system is Canada, The Aga Khan through the AKDN as seized all our natural resources, runs our supply management, and is recreating our institutions - the Aga Khan has created a digital board of education for Canada.

Interesting fact about Canada is that he has taken control of our oil sands in the name of management and he is one of the largest stakeholders of renewable energy. Is there a conflict of interest and might this speak to the issues surrounding our oil.

The pursuit is centralized control of everything with a labour market bound to volunteerism. How does this differentiate from socialism. His daughter is the director of the department of social welfare. My question is. If they are not leaders of a nation so why would such a department exist - universal basic income.

The Aga Khan is the King of the Shadow. His family is the King in the mountains of Syria. He created Pakistan through Islamic conversion and Muslim aggression in India. He has taken control of Russia through financial transition. He is the creator of China. He has decolonized and by extension recolonized most African coastal nations. He destroyed Britain over land wants and used his lapdog Soros to manipulate is treasury. He owns Canada through resource and institution and his headquarters is in Portugal. He is destroying America through Civil Society social actions. Shall I continue.

I call the Aga Khan the leader of the Persian 4th Reich for good reason. His grandfather the leading contributor to the German 4rd Reich. Right now the refugee crisis is nothing more than us funding the distribution of his mercenaries. His military is Civil Society as he has been funding interest group communities for over 4 decades with non-repayment loans. Recovery is realized through social action and institutional pressures. The creation of opportunity pays more I guess.

The Aga Khan and his lapdog George Soros, along with the Clintons have figured out non-usury financial lending and it started with micro finance. Now they want world central banks through the California branch of the Rothschild. It is this transition from usury to non-usury that will position our enslavement as you are the asset put up against the loan.

He has you all buying into a plethora of bait and switch through media presentation as he is the largest media tycoon in the world, Will you scream the Jews own everything, it turns out the Persians do. I don't think Moses freed the slave he just was able to engineer displacement facilitating relocation.

Much like is happening today with Civil Society mercenaries who are funded and owned by the Aga Khan once again funding for over 4 decades with non-repayment loans. When I say non-repayment what I am referring to is that recovery is not financial but realized through social action. Pressuring our institutions to a point of strain and exhaustion. Than using his media he presents these strains and points of exhaustion as failings. Driving us to push and demand for the changes that he seeks.

Bait and switch. When you think a slave is your master what does that make you? It is for this perceptual framework that allows for his and his family to turn us against self and destroy self at his command. Wake up before it is too late. Ukraine food supplies is a final nail in the pursuit of hereditary control and enslavement.

Just remember you're not a slave, you're a volunteer, Might this be the reason his people have been forcefully removed from ever nation they have hung their hat in?

This piece was inspired by this article

Russians who are fighting for Ukraine - they love their motherland but hate Putin (

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