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Police are racist

Interesting how the perpetrators of most, if not all, violent crime carries with it a common theme.

Maybe if more profiling attempt where used we could reduce violent crime and death. How can you do that if anytime someone is arrest for such crimes interest groups take to the street to with claims of discrimination.

Question how can we solve this cultural issue? So many different and outsider cultures are showing to not be compatible, at least from the standpoint of culture expectations.

When do we admit what our problems truly are and address them at there roots.

The leader of the Persian 4th Reich claims all is needed is equity. The more you give these people the more they act out with the goal of obtaining more. Crime and criminal behaviour should not be made equitable.

The three conditions that the criminologist Sheldon claims is necessary for punishment to be used to modify behaviour away from criminality is that the consequences must be

  1. immediate

  2. universal

  3. the punishment must be see to be greater than the crime

It is simple to achieve so we should start asking why is it that our leaders continue to move away from these three conditions.

If we cannot depend on institutions and those who represent them to do their jobs it is our take to work together to rid us from such characters. I know there are many great people of colour. If your not willing to identify the those amongst you and outside cannot make the distinction how is resolve ever to be realized.

It is time we make the one from the many as we have lived to long and the many from the one. Fractured into factions and marching down the ideological path rooted in us versus them. is no victors when eating from the same trough

I always thought a civil servants job was to reduce risk and manage liability for the masses. It turns out they're role is to increase risk and institutionalize liability.

I guess we are all dispensable assets pursuant of foreign investment.

This piece was inspired by this article

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