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Pimps Manipulation - Bath & TLC

For the actions of people abroad, a faith based community in turns starts violent riots with the locals and burns their home. Now they are giving pocket change as good will.

So you destroy and should be responsible for all the rebuilding cost, but instead off payouts. Making matters worse, is medias attempt to play this off as good will and acts of kindness.

The actions were not need if those parading a kind didn't put forth the acts of hate to begin with. Interesting how a groups acts of hate are rebranded by media as charitability of the bad guy.

Take a page from the Dave Chappelle Netflix special. Is this not the methods of how a Pimp get a trick to keep working after being broken by industry. The pimp beats the hell out of the hoe and than runs her a bath and takes care of her.

So just like the pimp, Muslims beat the hell out of the Christian and burn them out of their homes and all ownership. Only to run the metaphorical bath with the offering of spare change instead of resolve.

What is truly revealing is how media is presenting this metaphorical bath. Try to frame our perceptions, guide our response, and stimulate our expressions. In the end we cheer for the enemy and celebrate their insult as it they are a hero.

Once again an example of how villains become hero's. In this case the model of approach is that of a pimp. How sad it is and we are for dancing to the Pied Pipers tune.

The cost of living by slogans and trends instead of standards and convictions.

A side note relating to the picture. Women are the drivers of the Ummah so lets not fall prey to the bait and switch they are running. Manipulating the west through the pandering to and of our empathetic sensibility.

This peice was inspired by this article

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