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Infiltration of Canada's highest offices

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

I do apologize. I was incorrect in state that our defence minister master is the Aga Khan through faith. It turns out she is a Hindu Indian. But and this is a big but. She was the minister of diversity which is synonymous with pluralism. Aga Khan is the founder of the global centre for Pluralism.

So now I ask, pluralism or diversity is a conquest strategy. Given that she has been working with the family attempting to colonize Canada (Aga Khan) using this diversity strategy, she would be privy to the whole plan of action. My question - knowing and interacting on this level with our future colonial master, is that why she is now the defence minister? Pushing the agenda to completion.

As stated in much of my content, Civil Society is pressuring institutions into states of strain and exhaustion. At the point of exhaustion it is presented to the public as failures. The public responds with demands for change. Change set the stage of seizure by the interventionist. Our defence minister is not only a civil society member but is a member of the community that is in control of civil society. If I am not mistaken our defence minister is an Ismaili Muslim who's leader is her master as islmaili Islam is a for of Shia Islam and is the hereditary form of Islam.

The leader is the Aga Khan, who through the Global Centre for Pluralism has fractured the one of the many. Weakening us as a whole in order to get the man to act as a paramilitary.

So the leader of our first and last line of defence is a member of the community who is using interest groups ignorance and greed to radicalize and weaponize them against us. To quote the Aga Khan: "western greed and ignorance is the greatest weapon". Do you see what is at stake here?

She is also a member of a community that is bound to hereditary control. So in our democracy running our first and last line of defence our defence minister identifies with the enemy on multiple community identifiers.

Are we as Canadians lost? Can we not anticipate an outcome? It is our greed has been pandered to by paying for our ignorance?

We have already last our nation to the enemy is the enemy is running our first and last line of defence. Making matters worse is the fact that most politicians in all parties have the Aga Khan as their benefactor.

So the Aga Khan as a hereditary based leader controls our nations politics, our ministers, our, resources, and institutions. What is left people? We are not fighting to defend our land we are fighting to get it back.

If you see it any other way, get ready to take a knee as you master will soon be arriving. If we import those with a master they will elect those who share that master and they will appoint people who conform to that master. So their master will be yours.

Welcome your new master that you ultimately demand,

This piece was inspired by this article

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