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How far is Civil Society willing to go

You know your digging pretty low when you need to use a narrative like this in order to manipulate the empathetic sensibilities of the people.

How dare you use this man like a stage prop exploiting him as a tool to draw funding. Your event proves your pigs and such marketing methods prove your less than pigs.

How much are you paying this person to have them parade themselves around like a monkey with a tambourine. This is horrible and lends itself as one more reason why your community should be silenced.

I guess when as a community you represent little more than a marketing strategy, selling tourism packages, you don't know how to treat other as anything more than your are yourselves.

A community rooted in self interest and greed. That is why civil society invest so heavily in them. They will sell anything to people. To think it wasn't to long ago that they were trying to sell Islam to us hahahahahah.

Wow what can be done when people are willing to have their greed pandered to by having their ignorance paid for. Wiling to even disregard inevitable outcomes. So cheap that they will exploit the most vulnerable in order to exploit you.

This piece was inspired by this article

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