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Enslavement and who is the real master - misplacement of guilt and accountability

I am going to use the present western financial system and the perception of it to conceptualize the title.

I am not banker, I am not a financial analyst, I am someone willing to ask question and challenge conclusions and that is what I will be presenting here. Questions and challenges that seek out root principals instead of marketing slogans saturated in details used to baffle and guide the audience away from truth and understanding.

Many people claim to be a slave into the financial system by way of debt. First, I ask, who motivated you to generate that debt? Was is the banks who encouraged you to consume or was it the marketers?

Misplacement of guilt is leading many to lose sight of the root principals at play. Getting lost in the details. A great example to highlight my point is in the financial system and this notion of enslavement.

Many believe to have been enslaved by the banker through debt. I ask how is this? The debt was the consequence not action. Basic logic of causality states - If A then B. Therefore C. Lets take a moment and look at this. A consumption, B is debt, and C is ownership.

There is a distinction between consumption and ownership. In my application the process of consumption starts with its want or need of ownership. Ownership is realized through consumptions.

With that said we have to ask what than stimulated the actions which lead to the formation of the debt. Who is than responsible for the conditioning and motivation of one's action potential relating to behavioural expression, that being consumption.

Would it not be the marketers? I have to ask is your debt a result of the banks offering great access and standards or is it the marketers who drive individuals to brands and identities which lay outside of the consumers meas.

When does a need become a wont? It starts at the point of branding. How many people right at this moment are wearing an item that an alternative could have been had for a much better price; quality considered.

Now who frames our perceptions, while influencing us culturally, to motivate a behavioural expression? The advertiser. We are not slaves to debt, we are mental slaves to markets. Them acting like the Pied Piper marching us into the debt we so often claim to be victims of.

From this prospective, the banker seem to be the one willing to take the risk and give you a chance to obtain the unobtainable. Like the police, there efforts are often in vain and appreciation is lost in the details.

Those detail leading us to at its core misplace guilt and accountability. So the next time you hear that the banker is the bad guy, I want you to question the interest and intent of the speaker. We are question what is the causal relationship that leads to debt.

Wait till you see the option that are available beyond our present financial system. If you think you are a slave to debt now, the other option will truly place you or generations as someone who has to break rocks in a mine.

The next part will be a discussing on the financial structure in a principal form.

This piece was inspired by this video

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