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Engineered confusion leading to regression - lost in the details

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Our education has changed in a principal manner. It started with higher learning but has now found its way into all levels of learning and is or has fundamentally changed our thought patters.

Critical thought no longer goes beyond the description; to forecast is now to commit a fallacy or a logic hurdle of presentation or communication. The 'prove it' drive, preventing people from going beyond the description and never placing conceptualization of the 'what will be'.

Forecasting of occurrence and event should be the underpinning of any intellectual pursuit guided by a truistic model. Without forecasting, anticipation and response is no longer conditioned within the thinker.

This started in the department of sociology with its conceptualization limited to the here and now. The rationale for the transition was on claims of difficulty of achieving accuracy. In actuality, it is a means to hide interest and intent with desired end-states bound to mystery and disbelief.

What value of utility might one find in the breakdown and removal of such thought processing and insights that can be had from the evaluation of the 'what if' and the 'Could be', let alone, the 'so what'.

This is the engineered erosion of critical thinking leaving thinkers limited to description. This oversaturation of descriptors, getting most lost and not able to distinguish merited information that contributed to understanding versus uselessness. With description becoming evermore longwinded and complex, the audience is left with little actual principal understanding.

Lost in the details by choice, along with it being a desired outcome. If one fails to comprehend an event or an occurrence in its principal form, one’s ability to anticipate and respond to outcomes is severely hindered. That sound like the utility an ill intended interventionist might be seeking out.

Now once this threshold of confusion from overt saturation of descriptors is achieved the next stage is institutionalization and promotions beyond Accademia. This is an organic occurrence as those who where subjected to such teachings and testing are now the players and actors of the world of industry and institution.

There is a point where cognitive or rational is generalized to the general reality. Such generalization lead to interesting expressions. Expression found through experiential validation in a vicarious manner. Instead of trusting ones own experience as a guiding model, the individual and even the group seek validation and trust action and response through recorded histories.

'Conch removal' is one of those expression that can be characterized as neo-cultural. When such confusion and lack of experiential guidance is expressed containment must be sought out. When such expressions become a characterization of a group or within the dynamics of a aggregate there is cause for concern.

Such expressions are an illustration that reveals that one's culture as an identifier and form of guidance is no longer functioning as it is indented to be. This creating a stage for the defining of self and group open with utility for some and cost for others. The other being the person(s) lost in the details without a sense of guidance as a means through them.

As we have come to see each time the decolonization process has take place around the world. If the individual is unassisted or is expected to independently seek out the means relating to the 'who' of self, often time guidance is realized through the choice and expressions of yesterday. How far back are people will to go to find viable experiential guidance and resolution.

For those of us confronted with our perceptions being over satiated with descriptors leading to confusion of principal forms. As such, their overarching identity being coloured by a lends of failings. Seeks the comparative in order to find the appropriate response. Identity and timeline, if confronted with or by the barbarian, will see out similar reference point to identify with or as.

The cost of the individual and utility of the interventionist is who and how yesterday is defined and characterized. Neo-colonial or claims of it is oftentimes conceptualized to the public through media. I ask how does conch removal differentiate from the media presentation of Vikings.

The presentation of such socially expressive expressions convey a sense of rationalized viability and feasibility of the characteristics top be chosen. It also reveals the characteristics of analysis within the comparative period. I find it amazing that many are seeking to emulate identity of who no longer exist. Truly amazing especially if you know what lead to their extinction.

Such an occurrence or rather and manifestation and expression of it can be seen as a foreshadowing of sorts, of what is taking place or soon to be in the here and now. It is as if such persons are a canary in Cole mine. Revealing when cultural and the institutions which support it are in a state of strain and exhaustion.

Leaving a population vulnerable to defining or redefining characterizations of self and community. Utility being a replacement in form or fashion and the Viking identity, it being no longer in existence can act as a self fulfilling prophecy of the end-state pursued by the agendas being rendered today.

Nietzsche refereed to such insights as the 'gay science' and warned the viable risks and liabilities that exist is this form of knowledge is held by the ill intended. It is a simple as asking - how do you redefine a villain into a hero and a hero into a villain? Redefine a hero is an easy process. The hero at some point must win the exchange. It is at the point that the hero is standing over the villain victoriously waiting for justice to be served the audience can see the villain as a victim and the hero now becomes the villain. A the hero has victimized the villain by defeating him/her.

Apply this to contemporary cultures and historical realities. We are right now watching groups of persons turning to a neo-cultural perspective. This is a result of them seeing or having been conditioned into seeing their cultural failings as that which characterizes them. Who ever thought victories would one day be, like the hero becoming the villain, be redefined as failures.

All these area of strains and points of exhaustions accumulate, facilitating the stage for tribal reidentification and expressions. The sad reality is that media is that which is guiding so many into a characterization of self through there identity crisis confirming and extending the confusion as a result of false presentations.

Behaviour has been proven to be a system of rewards and punishments. How have you been rewarded or punished through industry and institution? Now, try to think beyond the description of the reward and punishment and how that will adjust behaviour of tomorrow. How will today snowball into a tomorrow. If perception influences culture and culture motivates behaviour what might our behaviours look like under such identifiers?

We can describe the issues of today but if we fail to assess how the methods of resolve will evolve for tomorrow leaves us limited in anticipation and response. It ultimately will have you conquered through replacement by demand as you see self and community and weak strife with failure. I am baffled by how many people both highly educated and uneducated claiming the through process is exhaustive. I retort by asking does breathing make you tired as they are both innate actions. To create of sense of relevance. We are told the interest group will usher in tomorrow. Think about it. We were told there is not enough minority group members within industry. A common response is to diversify. In time this shows itself as a failing on our community. Than there is not enough interest groups members in executive roles. Once again diversify.

Solving the problem with considering of the here and now without consideration of the tomorrow - the effect. So now a cultural, racial, or orientation bias can and will occur. This furthering notions identity weakness and failings within by those enrolled into the overarching culture. What happens in 10 years when there is only minority (interest group) members. Institutionalizing the desire to redefine the self and community.

Here is an example of how getting lost in details leads to confusion. This confusion than lends itself to utility of the interventionist, that being your replacement. Now through the use of institutions your identity is characterized with failings. Now you turn to recorded histories presenting expressions of yesterday as viable. Conformity of identity is that has and its public expression reveals how engrained it has become.

Lost in the details turning to tribal neo-colonialism. These same people tell us that we are on the wrong side of history and are the vehicle driving us back into the dark ages. My friends, in you minds you are already there, by way of you getting lost in the details of description allowing to be characteristically redefined. The final nail in the coffin was in your historical reference being a manufactured character by those who want to replace you.

This cannot be called irrational but rather rational irrationality. These choices and expression are not spontaneous and void of reasoning but realized through a form of faulty reasoning, rooted in confusion and the sources of vicarious viable experiential insights. You are a product of your environment and that is unequivocally been proven at this point.

This is how you conduct a quiet war against a group of people. Who knew the independent venture of insight and critical thinking would be met with demands for 3rd party interventionism with readymade resolutions. This is why their agenda is going so well. As what many are right now seeing as a the failings of opposition are merely a bait a switch scenario and why we the many are watch so many of the others and of us march to the Pied Pipers tune.

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