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Empathetic economy - super sized welfare

Just take a moment to consider how you conceptualize those who collect subsides such as welfare. Not good I bet.

Based on a Bing search in Ontario welfare benefits are valued at $733, which equates to $8 796 annually.

Now what if I told you that there are people collecting a minimum of $60 000 annually for doing a much as someone on welfare.

It is called the empathetic economy, and it includes ventures such as not-for-profits. Did you know that not-for-profits not only receive tax breaks but also has their operation cost funded by the government and by extension the tax payer.

So if you want an inflated welfare check open a not-for-profit.

Interest enough, is the fact that the empathetic economy is full of interest groups and foreigners. The video linked below is a foreigner representing a not-for-profit that is relating to English speakers in Quebec.

How does that work. A foreigner with a foreign tongue is now being funded by our government to represent and speak for English speaking Canadians.

This is a joke right? Talk about an exploit and one that is not even reflective of the individual.

Another great example is the not-for-profit that stand in protection of Canadian taxes. So you take from our taxes to represent and speak for us about our taxes. How about we not exhaust our tax basin to fund these organization in the first place.

You want to fix Canada we can start with ending this empathetic economy and stop operations of all not-for-profits. It is inflated welfare and no one seems to bat and eye in distain for them.

It is the ultimate dilemma. How do you talk against good will or claimed good will. Sad when corruption masquerades as good will. For that reason there should be criminal charges for those running fraud operations like the one's mentioned above and so many others.

This piece was inspired by this video

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