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Complex land grabs: To decolonize is to be colonized by the other

'I just wrote a sort of inspirational piece that was inspired by the article -Indigenous people have the knowledge': Conservation biologist Erika Cuéllar on restoring the planet.

To claim that a group 'knows' is to assume that others think them to be uninformed. As someone who questions the interest and intent of the indigenous leaders and push to expose who their true master is. I find such a title in poor taste and you assumptions to be foolish at best.

Beyond the notions that we all possess a greatest in and about us. This same article has me ponder risk and liability. The article focuses on the indigenous and conservation. This is an ongoing narrative in the Americas; Canada included.

Now my concern is that this notion of conservation as a clever angle facilitating future land seizures. Lets not pretend that this is not a probable reality. This is a community that refers to us as colonizers and oppressors. This is a strategy, without the complexity, that took place in South Africa, and Zimbabwe is now begging for the exiled white farmers to return.

Could this be a clever means to use influence to push for complex social change. First is the institutional influence under the label of expertise. How have such experts influences institutions and business in recent years?

Now once influence is achieved, through pressures infiltration is than possible with the placement of actors. Now institutional control is realized, would they as a community not be given power of land masses in the name of conservation.

So what is stopping this community from removing and displaying their colonial oppressors in the name of conservation. We are quickly turning into South Africa and the land grabs. Canada differentiating solely on the complexity used to achieve the same ends - land grabs and the removal of a group.

Let me guess, this wont happen here. It is happening here and many are refusing to accept reality or their greed has been pandered to by paying for their ignorance. I close with a question. When Canadian tribalism erupts into conflict, which it always does no matter time or place. When this confrontation occurs, do you think this will end in civil negotiations?

We are on the cusp of losing everything through institution action ushering complex social change. The sad reality is that while you think you are decolonizing you are in actuality being colonized by another. Look at how Persian ran nation are. You want that over free institutions. WOW Well done. Your hatred for people like me has some else taking everything from you. Wake up.

This is the article that has me wonder what the intentions and interest are at play here. 'Indigenous people have the knowledge': Conservation biologist Erika Cuéllar on restoring the planet (

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