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Civil Society - Destroying our first and last line of defence

So the police are racist and the military are rapist. So the enemy is either attempting to destroy our these institution or infiltrate them. Either way, the breakdown of the our first and last line of defence should be a loud enough warning that an attempt by the enemy to defeat us if just over the horizon.

We have been funding the importation of foreign mercenaries so with no policing I guess we will all soon be their prey. Now our military is in disarray I guess a foreign nation of entity would be able to walk right through us.

I know, right now are calling me an angry white guy, or claim me to be insane. I guess time will prove me right and I am just trying to warn you all. If we cannot anticipate outcomes with a readiness to response we will be at a lost.

Speaking of being at a lose. What most Canadians don't realize is that we are no defending our nation from an attack, we are trying to now reclaim our nation before the final stages of transition are commenced.

The Persian 4th Reich is our enemy and civil society is its mercenaries. We as a nation like our neighbors to the south are on our last leg here. That is why they are now going after our first and last lines of defence.


Disclaimer - I know the reference article is about rape and please do not think that my position here lends itself to and form of tolerance for such criminal behaviour. If he is guilty of such crimes I would expect for the full weight and thrust of the law fall upon him. One more reason why we need police.

This piece was inspired by this article

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