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Choice in no longer an independent decision

The article attached below discusses the market gains associated with decoupling from the Russian market. Winners and loser can and are being chooses by the 3rd party interventionist.

So many questions are stimulated while watching the market forces at work.

- Who and how is such large scale market engineering possible?

- Is it than not possible to pick winners and loser based on any desired characteristic or attribute?

- Who has such influence, power, and control?

- Is it an individual?

- Is this is a collective?

- Is it result of driving the many to action in a specific manner?

- Markets appearing to be vast, complex and interconnected how is this obtainable?

- How are down the line is our system of winners and losers chosen by and for the interventionist?

These question revealing that the system may not be as open and free as once thought. It is for us to reveal and expose the answers to questions like this and so many more.

This piece was inspired by this article

Companies that exited Russia after its invasion of Ukraine are being rewarded with outsize stock-market returns, Yale study finds — and those that stayed are not (

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