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Child labour is illegal in Canada

Here in Canada we have child labour laws that ensure that a child cannot be exploited. So if you can put a 10 year old in a coal mine why do people think a child can than be used as a stage prop - labour is labour.

We are waiting for the charges to be laid. If they are not that means a 10 year old can be exploited and placed in the coal mine as a lack of criminal charges would indicate that our legal system is no longer

  1. universal

  2. immediate

  3. the punishment out ways the criminal behaviour

Mean our legal system has been reduced to marketing agency and not to uphold our laws. Why is it that the illegal quickly become legal when a camera is rolling?

People need to see this for what it is - a political leader exploiting his own child as a stage prop. If he will do that to his own what would he be willing to do to you if he was to lead our land.

Only in Canada can a person who is labelled a terrorist by our two greatest allies run a federal political party. The two nations is india and America.

This piece was inspired by this article

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