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Canada energy crisis - the cost of outsourcing management

Here I go again and I highly recommend you look into the reference article below.

Trudeau is a Jihadi Lieutenant of the Persian 4th Reich and the Aga Khan is his master. This is why so many choices made and paths taken have leveraged the Khan's colonial asperation.

Now Prior to Trudeau was Harper and it was the Harper not only made the Aga Khan the only religious representative to take a podium in our parliment but his caucus from Alberta, Alison Redford, also signed the cooperation agreement giving managerial control to the AKDN.

The NDP leader is tied to the Aga Khan through Pakistan as Pakistan is the nation owned and founded by the Khan family. Before I get into the energy crisis, I want people to understand that the Persian 4th Reich owns every party in our land.

Now for the energy crisis. How is it we could be confronted with such given have an immense reserves in Canada and Alberta in particular? It is as easy as the PC MPP of Alberta Alison Redford signing a cooperation agreement with the AKDN and by extension the Aga Khan granting managerial control over Alberta's natural resources. Oil being one of those resources.

I have to ask why do you think is the consequence of granting control over a resource to the largest stakeholder in a competing industry? What I am getting at is the fact that the Aga Khan now control the tar sands of Alberta while he is the largest stakeholder of renewable energy. I guess the failure of one is the opportunity of another.

At our expense our energy sector is being destroyed to ensure the success of its competitor. This has to be the most counterproductive and counterintuitive approach to resource management, economic sustainability and growth, along with social cost. All at the hands and whim of the greed lead and ignorant.

If you want to solve many of our problem that include the energy sector and beyond we must remove the Khan family and their civil society companions. They are killing us from within.

This piece was inspired by this article

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