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Can these 2 even define systemic discrimination let alone point it out

To my fellow Canadians this is what they just tried in America and we are falling for it here now.

This is nothing more than civil society creating pressure leading to strain and exhaustion. Presenting the exhaustion to the public as failings and we in turn demand their wants - privatization.

Can you afford a security detail?

Here are the question we should be asking in order to get the full story

  1. why was race removed from crime statistics

  2. who is the perpetrators of most crimes

  3. who is responsible for most violent crimes

  4. how might criminal involvement place into policing strategies

Do you people buy whatever you are sold. We keep playing into their hand and they are sitting on a bluff. Wake up. So would you rather your tax money go to funding criminals to police criminals. Dumb deepens by the day and censorship prevents me from informing the people.

This is a civil society con game and we keep demand that their ideals are realized at a cost to us. What this world unravel I sometime wonder if people truly deserve what is coming because so many conform to the label used to describe the masses in higher learning - Neanderthals.

If you don't like the label than start taking responsibility for your insights and they wont be able to get you to march to the Pied Pipers tune.

This piece as inspired by this video

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