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Allied Program

I presented this membership to a small business and was asked: what is in it for IDIOM RADIO?

I responded with: Helping to create a strong network that works synergistically.


That is our pursuit, our passion, our drive. Bringing new energy by taking part in the development and sustainability of small and midsize business.

Let us take on the world together and own it as one.

Making family ran business trendy once again by investing in our community.  


Allied Broadcast(s)

Website and Social Media

  • Show broadcasted

  • On air advertising

  • Written Articles

  • Private and public online chat

  • Promotion and link postings

  • Access to marketplace and donation program

  1. Sunday Service                                   –  3-month program

  2. The Divine Derivation                          –  3-month program

  3. Last Call                                                –  Weekly program

  4. Greasy Spoon                                      –  Weekly program

  5. The refined pallet                                –  Weekly program

  6. Civilian Guardians                                –  Weekly program (cycles through                           emergency services and veterans)

  • Included in Allies program for donation program access


Donation Program

  • Broadcast(s)                                        - Live or pre-recorded broadcast

  • Site membership privileges

  • Organization and its head(s) displayed on Show and Show content pages

  • Posting of business with link on Ally page                                                     - Synopsis and link to private                          website

  • Public and private chat feature        - Great for direct contact with your             members/patrons                          - Could be used as a remote                         council

  • Blog and forum access for public and private discussions                     - Great for indirect contact and                    feedback loops                                         - Includes image and video                            posting(s)

  • Creation of personal webpage        - If you do not have a webpage a                personal page can be created

  • Access to marketplace                      - Unique customizable page                    - General marketplace page

  • Access to donation program

  • 100% of proceeds goes to organization exclusively for the described intent/interest

  • Cross marketing efforts

  • Affiliation with the DD Network

To learn more send enquiries to

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