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You want to know the truth. Here it is

It is not that people do not want to change their minds or challenge notions of reality. People want that which offers them personally the most. This principle of the human condition (sorry to use a literary term) has been exploited by 3rd party interventionalist. These interventionalist have pandered to greed by paying for ignorance. In turn creating interest group factions. Remember their notions of reality are rooted in self interest and as such the greatest conversion rate is realized through these communist like interest groups communities. Stemming from the establishment of factions it is only nature to institutionalize them. This was than achieved, by the interventionalists, through a societal and political philosophy known as pluralism. Under pluralism culture is a resource and as all resources do, they compete for market dominance. Look at the world around you and ask - where does your culture in the culture standings. Do you think you may make the playoffs this season. Remember if you don't there is no next season. In sum, we are competing cultural and I hate to break it to you but all interest groups are companions at this point and they are playing against us the domestic population. This unification has been achieve through non-repayment loans by NGO's for the past 4 decades. That is how these communities have leveraged themselves over us. This isn't about cognitive dissonance, these people are your enemy in this culture competition. I know that most old stock Canadians don't understand this because it is discriminatory for us to have a head office in which to fax the memo telling the community. This is not about waking people up this is about competing or losing everything. Don't be played by the narrative. I will be deleting posting in 5 min.

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